SOUL JOURNEY -             Seek your Spirit and Discover your Path
                                          to Your       SOUL  JOURNEY
 "Soul Journey" is a play on
words. It speaks to the journey
   we are all upon, if we are
   seeking to find the deeper
     places within ourselves.
       To "Sojourn" means
               to stay a while.
      I welcome your Wandering Spirit. 
Here may you find inspiration to continue upon your   
Iconic view of Cathedral Rock in Sedona Hearing the words is not the teaching...
finding their meaning within you, is!
This shaman in the window of the Shaman`s Cave, Sedona
Kokopelli, flute player, path walkerSpiritual  Guide
his flute would anounce his arrival of his SpiritDrum Maker
villages would await his arrival upon their pathFlute Player
also known as the journey ``trickster`` of the South WestLabyrinth Builder
The hump on his back is the pack he shouldered upon his journeyAcupuncture Detoxification
A true seeker and path walkerRetreat creator/facilitator
 kokopelli, journey from the SouthInspirational speaker
I walk the Shamanic path.
I am here because, having been to the
top of the mountain, I continue to seek
 my Spirit.
I am fortunate to have many incredible teachers in my life. They give their knowledge freely; their only desire... my promise that I will offer that which I
 have been taught to others I meet
upon the path.
It is to this end that I humbly offer
these pages.
Kiva Ceremony
Music for your Spirit
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